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2009. summer. day.

"Ethiopian Millennium" -- I do not see it.

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Let me do it, Anatoly. Let me speak!

Write in my name, please.

I, Lucifer, need a voice.

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Fri. noon, AK time.

First, the usual, breaking with Esther, another version. Even within a dream I know what it does mean. Then, by myself in some restaurant, glass walls, I was left in after closing, to guard(?) -- and someone, behaves like a drunk -- I can't see his face, or do nor want to -- tries to get in. I lock everything, only the last back door is left, glass one, too. How did I pushed him away, hold the door, even about E. forgot -- and suddenly, something at my feet -- face, maybe, a head, live, old, with some little hand, and even legs, but too small to walk, this freak can roll only. I can't even touch it, big eyes are tired and looking in my eyes... I push It out by foot -- what scream "What does he want?"...

A woman on the street, do I know her -- "He wants to eat" and walks away...

What to do? Kill him?


I wake up. Was it me, this face? what do you do when you want to live so badly? When you have no courage to die...

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I want to say that life is over-rated -- and I stop... because so many are saying it all the time, wasting their lives and others'...

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