Not only about my dreams, but about my visions? 2008 and 2009

... film600 ?

... new artist, new poet, new aristocrat.

Self, the lost book, I'll use it for references.

Не случайно, ох, не случайно, СНЫ стали писат'ся после Книги Дурака и КИНО! Ведь во сне все подряд смотришь, что не показывают -- все интересно. Каким идиотом надо быть, чтобы вся эта чушь казалась интересной?

... вот я и говорю -- как пьяный, когда спишь.

dreams diary

My dreams (nightmares) and Ethiopian Millennium Dreams [nonfiction]

Utopia -- how different is it from an intellectual dreaming?

My dreams and OUR dreams, oh, it's a big difference! I am mortal and my dreams die with me. Unless, they become big books.

Is it still possible for me?

Well, Project Utopia [] is about my last big dream...
Project 2009
film = dreams

... enough about film, I want to write about what I feel only.

2009-2010 : Ethiopian Dreams [Lul]

Theatre as daydreaming []

The entire century (20th) was dedicated to make DREAMS into main art form... Dog's dreams? Any "tree dreams"? Dreams of a stone? Or is it for "live forms" only, like fish or insect?

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Spring 2009 : Caligari & African Dreams [Fall]

... and everything around it.

I must forget about decency I indeed plan to write about future.

I must be free (one of the principles of nobility, new or ancestral). I have to be honest with myself.

I have to speak my mind.

More, I have to go further than that -- I must write what I do not know yet!

... and what I do not want to know about myself.

Like in dreams.

... fragment :