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Project 2009 -- what was it?

... What was the year 2008?

and the 2009?

Maybe easier to imagine far future than tomorrow? Communism Dreams...

Without history and Time? Tell us about it!

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... Russian American in Ethiopia? What to think about it?


6.21.09 -- I thought that when I retire I would have "enough of my web" to substitute the University as an institution. Financially, as well.


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8.12.09. Tomorrow I am leaving for Ethiopia and writing my last Alaskan diary note in the chapter "2010" -- the departure from my American life will be long... Painful? Feels like it is another goodbye to mt Russian life as well.

There will be no real 2010 pages in this diary.

I already have another place for Ethiopian Diaries, if there will be ones...

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... Beta Sellassie LUL Publishing [year 2010]

I do not think there will be "2010" page in this diary. Not in Russian Diary. It should end in 2009. Together with my LJ blog.

Anatoly 6.7.09 AK

... I am planning too much. I am too old for this, too old to have plans... What plans 5-year-old could have?

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At the beginning the world was so big, I had no time for myself; now I have no time for the world. No interest?

The world "I" as a black whole sucks all my energy. Oh, the www is the perfect place for imploding.

Didn't I have enough time for myself?

Maybe that is why eternity is needed and for?

To study your own life, to reflect, to understand what it was for?

Time ends, because even the notion of time is useless. "As long as it takes"... Paradise is you enjoy the process, and if you don't -- hell.

Do you need others, life and even yourself?

Do all humans need it?

The eternity?

If animals do not have souls, why every human animal should have it?

What tree would reflect on?

But somebody like Shakespeare does need a lot of eternity...

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Project "2008" is over. Project "2009" is over, even before it's began. Do I need a diary if I am not to write about the world?


I do not want to understand. Something is changing in me.


{ 2010 }




... Project 2010? LUL

... I see nothing. That much for future 2010.

filmplus.org/album -- looking back @ 2009 from imaginary future?

What about 2010?

How do I feel about it in ... March of 2009?

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6.13.09 -- ethio.vtheatre.net some diary pages there? "Addis A(natoly) Diary"... antohin.wordpress.com

My third live and third web wave?

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I do not think that I understand myself. It's trivial.
I believed in knowledge and knowing so much...
Such anti-artist attitude.

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No last will?

No last word?

No last picture?


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Foucault wrote about the ambiguity of the private in the postmodern conditions. At least, twenty years ago. If everything is transparent in the cyber world, what does it say about the public?

Even my dreams are not private, not secret?