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... Не думаю, что будет время на дневники, по-русски или аглийски. Начинается другое время -- Эфиопское.

After UAF -- write

The Grand Depression and the Second American Civil War

Grand -- because it's global.

Another Civil War -- because it's time to find out who is an American.

Universal Civil War?



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What would I miss if I knew nothing about the world in 2008?

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PS: "чем можно объяснить существование американских военных баз по всему миру?" After WWI USA dissolved the army completely; Clinton in the 90s cut 30% of the arm forces ("Peace Dividend" after the End of the Cold War was declared). There was a lot of hopes... till 9-11.
Как военные базы по всему миру вписываются в демократические ценности, которые исповедуют американцы?
Do you ask why 40.000 Americans were stationed in Germany? In Japan? Or South Korea?
For the same reason why Poles and Czechs are asking for American presence. The Obama's election was to the great degree anti-military sentiment shared by the majority of Americans.
"Ведь (military?) влияние дает очень выгодную торговлю." The biggest oil contract in Iraq recently was won by Chinese without a single soldier over there. Maybe this "army-economy" concept was valid in XIX century...
Illarionov's involvement in investigation of 2008 Russian war with Georgia, strange in my initial opinion, indicates that he does have mind of a statesman, not only of an economist.
Perhaps, he is the only one among Russian intellectuals who sense the historical gravity of this event. It's very possible that Russia will never recover from this week in August, regardless of Georgia's or Osetia's politics. America is out of Vietnam for decades, but not War in Vietnam is still an issue in social discourse here.
The world is big and history is even bigger. [ *** ]

... Closing Book "RU" :

[from grani.ru]

07.05.2009 08:34
Умер поэт Лев Лосев -->
03.04.2009 14:33
Умер поэт Алексей Парщиков -->
30.03.2009 23:03
Умер поэт Михаил Генделев -->
05.02.2009 12:28
Умер писатель Егор Радов -->
11.01.2009 13:36
Умер детский писатель Лев Устинов -->
04.08.2008 02:20
Умер Александр Солженицын -->
11.07.2008 09:44
Умер Анатолий Приставкин -->
10.06.2008 20:34
Умер Чингиз Айтматов -->
14.05.2008 15:27
Умер писатель Юрий Рытхэу -->
16.07.2007 08:28
Дмитрий Александрович Пригов умер --> 
... A Year Since Death of Solzhenitsyn

Solzhenitsyn is not Tolstoy, and even not Gorky. As a writer. Gulag is not literary event, but social. "What is to be done" they say, shook young Russians in XIX century, but not a literature.
Second, the personal choices he was making as a mortal man and/or citizen -- many questions. Bukovsky who do not consider himself a write ( write well) is bigger as a man.
Solzhenitsyn got the life-story and fate, but what did you do with it matters. He had no chance but to return to Russia after 1991 -- and what a spectacle it became!
Then, of course, the two presidents with their state orders -- Yeltsin - no, Putin - yes.
Interesting parallel - Alexander Zinoviev [*] -- how much did they (we) understand in the history of Russia?
And the best are not good enough?
Are they nothing but the "second best"?
How independent are their minds?
Forget the West; do they had the courage to see the truth?
"The Evil Empire" - coined his childish motto Reagan. The understanding of this evil was business of Russian thinkers.
Where are they?

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2007 Пишу опять по-русски уже года два. Если не записные книжки, то хотя бы русский дневник!

2008 :

... now I know my plans. Books.

Which order?


New project -- The Grand Depression? [Mind Crisis, XX century continues]


... And about SELF-sovereignty [ self.vtheatre.net ? ] -- # # Anarchists and some libertarians deny the sovereignty of states and governments. Anarchists often argue for a specific individual kind of sovereignty, such as the Anarch as a sovereign individual. Salvador Dalн, for instance, talked of "anarcho-monarchist" (as usual, tongue in cheek); Antonin Artaud of Heliogabalus: Or, The Crowned Anarchist; Max Stirner of The Ego and Its Own; Georges Bataille and Jacques Derrida of a kind of "antisovereignty". Therefore, anarchists join a classical conception of the individual as sovereign of himself, which forms the basis of political consciousness. The unified consciousness is sovereignty over one's own body, as Nietzsche demonstrated (see also Pierre Klossowski's book on Nietzsche and the Vicious Circle). See also self-ownership and Sovereignty of the individual. [W]


Predictions ? voice of the people eRussians [ livejournal.com ] Прогнозы блоггеров на 2009 год :

-- Рекомендую немедленно начать эвакуироваться тем, кто еще не прорюхал ситуацию.

-- Не исключено, что некоторым удастся укрыться в подземных комуникациях разрушенных городов, если посчастливится пережить будущую зиму.

-- Конец кризиса будет года через 3. Вспомним 1998 год.

-- Гадать - удел слабых. Живи, трудись, и на всё на_рать!

-- Так что живем как жили, а этих пугачей всяких надо за яйца на площадях вешать, с надписью "ЖЕРТВА КРИЗИСА"!!!

-- enough?


... time machine.

ET and anatoly.et -- AA Diary ? Fall 2009 and After. ethio-blog.

... Ах, как НЕ КРАСИВО, и то, что я пишу. Может быть в новом году -- а?

I hang on Russian, as on life -- death is near.

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2009 After UAF -- Пенсия? Конец моей американской жизни. Начало африканской... foxmarks.com LUL

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... afronord. ANT?

20 years -- I got use to it -- "профессор" (почти Воланд).

... if nothing what I write about (Grand Depression, IUSW, and etc.) will take place, I say -- it will take place later. I say -- it does take place, and less visible = more dramatic!

From Anatoly XXI

new calendar -- making plans for two years ahead!


Dear Oleg, you are right, except, only if we buy this concept of "crisis" [followed by recovery]. What it's not a crisis, but the fresh-hold of history? We do not call Wold War I a "crisis" -- the world never was the same AFTER.

Here (USA) is the same contradiction: for decades we talked about global economy, but see American problems as American only. The Great Depression ended up the old farming America, the country today needs only 5% of population in agriculture (and they are subsidized not to produce more). We do not need them at all -- Brazil could do it cheaper. The same with US auto-makers, why bother, if a Chinese boy can do the same?

They are not needed and will never recover from this "crisis" -- they must discover/invent new technologies in transportation, if they want to work in global economic environment.

The emerging markets must be divided in two different categories: the ones who take business from the developed countries, and ones which "non-economic" in nature at all. Here is the difference between China and Russia. The Russian "Patriots" are right -- it's the war, but not by the West, by History. They understand that in this global future they are not needed, anybody not speaking Russian could build housing in Moscow.

Так что в целом для экономики все эти проблемы не так страшны, как могут показаться на первый взгляд.
Russian "economy"...
Now, think about how many in this world live on one dollar a day. Somewhere in Africa they, indeed, have nothing to lose -- the rest is according to the International (song)[:)]

Political, social and other structure are way behind the changes which already took place in (global) economy -- now it's time to bring the super-structure in sync [using Marx' terminology].

Если б кризис стартовал через несколько лет, Россия с гораздо большими усилиями выползала бы из него. -- Not Russia, nor America will "get out" of it the same. It's not an economic crisis, but the end of the world as we know it.

anatolant.livejournal.com 12.27.08

3.21.09: science.ru -- what I do not know :

anatolant wrote:
Mar. 22nd, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)


When I got my LJ account I read about politics, then -- about economy, hoping that I will get a better picture of "Russia Today"... culture, kino, theatre -- something closer to me, the science (education too?) is my last level ... to see what to expect.
Thanks. I still didn't understand if anything is sold, could be sold, original? ... "кладезь технологий"? Russian high-tech?
Does it mean that IT didn't make to the world market yet?
Did the process of decomposition got to the brains of Russia, the intellectual core? [ nano-tech ]

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A World Without Me? The world IS without me! Always!
It's always without me.
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20 and 60 years [ 3.10.09 livejournal.com ]

The end of the British Empire was signed sixty years ago. Today is two billion people are in the British Commonwealth, the world speaks English, Great Britain is still an island... The Kremlin's Walls are not the walls of a museum - and there is no need to crash them down. According to Spengler (The Sunset of Europe) Civilization is to follow Culture. Maybe, it could be that
Civilization leaves Culture behind?
Does Russian Empire have Russian Culture on its ex-territories?
Perhaps, French Cultural Imperialism is a better example?

How much of Russian Culture is in RF?

Сейчас построены новые, пусть и виртуальные, но не менее прочные стены, для разрушения которых потребуется перезапуск «нового мышления» горбачевского типа. Но для «нового мышления-2» нужен горбачевский масштаб. (!!?) Хватит ли воли и сил, чтобы зайти на второй круг?

That much for "pig picture"?
What wall? Cyber walls?
R.I.P. - if new Gorby is needed.

... [info]anatolant on June 21st, 2009 06:59 am (UTC)

Subtext and Contra-Text

This Kremlin's plan makes sense: They know that they cannot take care of the country -- and better to have somebody who can help (China).

* Putin cannot offer Siberia for "sale" (Japan should lean it long ago), but he can have mixed forms of financial/economic responsibility (with China, i.e. under "new management").

* Putin cannot give Siberia up as it was done in 1991 with Soviet republics, but he can "lend" it (as in case with Alaska in 19 c.) -- business ownership of Siberia could have many forms [from Russian OOO to Ltd. and other Inc.'s)

* 10 years of Putin's (business) management showed he does have his plan [ if you read what is Putin's Plan as a contra-text ]. Instead of RF falling apart, which is inevitable in a long run (extrapolation based on current direction), he want to web it with "deals"...

-- предательство? Nothing personal. Just business.

This new China Game demonstrates that Kremlin is willing to PAY for Siberia, as long as it has formal powers over other resources there.

PS. I do not believe that Mr. P knows about his plan, they act on (business) instincts. It's rather common when the "rights" are on the market. "Virtual Russia" is more important than (real) Russia... and not only Russia.

20 years? No, the terms of deal are final.