1 > 2 : Если бы не войнв в Грузии, я не стал записывaть... Да, американские выборы тоже. Смерть Солженицина? И кризис... И предчувствие... Это мой последний год на Аляске, США. Много причин набралось.


Enough of this mockery of the elections! Never mind the old man joke on the Republican Party, after all GOP could commit suicide, but what about us? Shame on media -- but the joke will be on us, the citizens! Is it possible to end this American Idol TV game, and get back to elections? If not, we do not deserve democracy.
Please, stop it!
Thank you, Mr Cavett, but it have to said out loud and by the Republicans themselves -- Enough of this circus, enough!

... Is it possible that forty years ago, in 1968, the life of Russia ended? Yes, in the summer of 1968 -- and the rest is empty years with nothing in it. No books, no plays... Why not in 1956? After Budapest was hope, a chance of redemption, not after 1968...

You wanted to know what is wrong with your life -- everything.

You didn't have it.

Is it possible?

Forty years later I say -- yes, possible.

You are only a small piece of that non-event.

Start your count!

* International Year of Planet Earth.[1] * International Year of Languages.[2] * International Year of the Potato.[3] * International Year of Sanitation.[4] * International Year of the Frog.[5] * European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.[6]
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Осторожней с цифрами и датами, вообще! Но так помнится легче. Была надежда, что вернется та культура, начала века -- это до 1968 (задним числом понимаю). Не случилось.

И весенние выборы в России хочется сравнить с осенними в Америке... и сказать -- запомните год, запишите.

А как еще? Как?


... I have no hope that this time my writing somehow will find the narrative. That it will be a story, something one can read, fearing to miss some pages. I see no face of this year. I do not know how I look like.

When the real changes take place? Who knows? I do. Not really.
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RUSSIA : ... Анатолий Стреляный: «Предвестники последнего распада» -- radio-active half-life disintegration.

Russia without Novodvorskaya has no right to have this name...

[ 2008.8 - 2008.9 ]


China Olympics : 08.08.08

Every next moment is the last one.

That's how empty eternity looks like.

Почему я не пишу?

Я тоже спрашиваю себя -- почему?

А если я скажу, что презираю себя и свое время?

Если я НЕ ХОЧУ?

Хотите знать ПОЧЕМУ не хочу?

Yes, write about it, please.

... I have seen cowards. I know one of them.

Такого "нулевого" месяца нет, а хорошо бы -- чтобы подготовится, чтобы пока не побежало это время, было бы какого-то время приготовится к времени...

"Времени" много, хотя чувство, что его не хватает, не покидает меня с тех пор, как себя помню.

Время было потеряно, потрачено и просто не замечено. Историческог, субьективное и всякое другое, американское, русское...

Да и сам год ведь не один.

Один здесь, другой там, даже столетия не одни и те же. Мой год вовсе не совпадает с вашим -- и так тут мерять?

И тем не менее, "Проект 2008"?

Okay, the 13th month -- "Month Zero"! That is the first number, how could I not like it? I need this number before the count starts.


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I had this feeling last Autumn, year ago, during the elections. So-called "Russian elections" -- it doesn't matter that I am not there. It was done to me, I was humiliated. "Russia" is the name of this humiliation. There are many names of my enemies. I say -- China, I say -- they (dict.) who say "we"...

What is important?


Ну что сравнивать, хотя этим все и занимаются. А просто слушал и читал по-русски, и писал-записывал. В России в 2008 я не был -- и чувство такое, что больше никогда и не буду. Потому и думалось.

What do I mean?

Fall of Russia, Russian Fall -- page by page, day by day...

I hear the arrogant voices those call the two station I listen to -- Radio Liberty and Echo of Moscow. Now I am not the youngest. Where they came from? Could be my children... I ran away from their grandfathers.


And how Russian people look like a century ago:


http://www.livejournal.ru/books/themes/id/10104 (Somov's portraits) Ivanov


brain drain RU to US (речь идёт об учёных и высококвалифицированных спецах) в следующих количествах:

1997 1749 
1998 1348 
1999 910 
2000 1488 
2001 2595 
2002 2714 
2003 847 
2004 1994 
2005 2574 
2006 1461 
2007 1466
What does it say?

analysis of the "fifth (silent) wave"?

Six waves of immigration in one century (including the Jewish one of the 1900s), and all are in one direction -- west. Arriving to one place -- USA. What result to expect?


It began in 1968 with the "Jewish immigration", remember?

Historians say that Stalin planned his "final solution" at his last days; better solution was to let them leave. To Israel? Who cares? Out of OUR land!

"Our" was to be redefined.

Our culture?

Was it the end of new (international, no cosmopolitan) culture of communism? Was it the secret death of USSR?

"Traitors-in-Law" or shadow of future new "Russia"?

Ethnic identity won over cultural identity! Back to the old (pre-revolutionary) world? The 1917 return to the pre-modernity to be continue --

... Who was the first "Jew" starting this stream? What day it was?

The school was behind me -- and I know nothing about myself, my country and history.

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2008.12 -- 2009 -- Russian year'08 (photo) summary -- what is important? It depends. That much for an overview!

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